I will if they will (iwitw)

The "I will if they will" proposition is a strategy for getting a few businesses to start a community way project without going too far out on a limb.  First decide how many businesses are needed to launch based on the comfort levels of the first few.  The first community way project in the Comox Valley in 1999 started with an iwitw of 12.  Upon getting the 12th iwitw, we went back to the first businesses to begin registering them while continuing to recruit new businesses.  This time around we're starting with 30

It is most easily explained with a dance analogy - we need a few out on the floor to begin the dance and when the others see that it's safe, comfortable, and fun, most of the watchers will join in.

The Comox Valley community way project completed the iwitw on May 22, registration comes next.  This is when businesses make their cw$ donations at the rate of cw$1000/staff - eg a 2 person business would donate cw$2000 and pay a cw$200 registration fee.  Each business opens a community way account starting with a negative balance that represents their donation, fee, and float.  Follow along http://twitter.com/cvcw