Comox Valley community way (CVcw)

We are business owners, managers, and workers who intend to raise 1 million dollars to help solve homelessness in the Comox Valley.  We will do this by donating community way dollars (cw$) to organizations that are committed to creating and supporting affordable, safe, and comfortable housing.  We expect that people in the valley will want to help us solve homelessness by buying these business-backed cw$ and spending them at participating businesses.

We plan to launch community way at the end of June with at least 50 businesses donating more than cw$100,000.  As of May 25, 31 businesses have agreed to participate.  Another 300 - 500 businesses will be needed to reach the initial goal of 1 million dollars.  As more businesses join in there will be cw$2 million, then cw$3million new, business-backed money circulating in our community, helping us deal with many other important issues such as food security, health care, transportation, and bioregional health.

Want to help? Give us a call. 

Pieter Vorster
Unknown user,
28 Apr 2009, 13:09